Who we are and what we do

Wey Valley R & PC was formed in 1975 and we are essentially a group of friends with shooting as a common interest and who meet socially on a Friday evening and enjoy shooting as part of our evening together. Having said that, a number of our members are of County standard and we encourage all members to improve their standards and to enter competitions, both postal and shoulder-to-shoulder, whenever possible.

We shoot various disciplines and calibres, including .22 Target Rifle, .22 and Full-bore Gallery Rifle, Full-bore Target Rifle, Muzzle-loading (Black Powder) pistol, rifle, musket and shotgun, air pistol and air rifle. We also meet informally on occasions to visit clay-pigeon ranges.

We are affiliated to various shooting associations, including Surrey Small-bore Rifle Association, National Small-bore Rifle Association, National Rifle Association, Muzzle-Loaders Association of Great Britain.We carry full insurance cover for Public Liability and Third Party, but insurance for your equipment and firearms is normally put on your household policy.

While maintaining the most friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy our shooting, we hold very high standards of safety and discipline at all times. All coaching is carried out by our instructors who have been trained to national association standards and coaching is available to anyone at any time.

Complete beginners are welcome, male or female. All probationary members attend a training course before they are allowed to shoot on their own, and have regular coaching sessions as they improve Once you have completed your probationary period, normally about 4 months, you will be offered full membership and assistance is given to apply for a Firearms Certificate and to seek a suitable firearm to buy. We have various club firearms for new members to use until they achieve full membership and gain their Firearms Certificate.